Today one year ago we where finishing our training, no doubt it was a life changing experience for all of us! Fred Busch  and all the teachers working behind and aside of you, thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge, experience, love, and teaching that you gave us, and still give to us. A lot of people have said this especially those of us that are lucky enough to cross your path and learn from your voice and heart, you are the best Guru, friend, guidance, and teacher of all! Fred Busch thank you, for help me find my way everyday. I miss you so much, and I humble hope to see you again, with these new eyes, heart, voice and enlightening that you gave me with no boundaries, thank you for teaching me to appreciate life and be grateful for every moment, every person, every situation. You will always be in my heart and by hand with your words of wisdom. Thank You Fred Busch TT! Thank you God for letting me find them and them to find me.



Hi Fred,

Just wanted to share something with you. My dad is 62 years old and has been practicing yoga over the last 7 years.

I think he is in great shape because of his yoga practice. But over the last seven years he has always been judging and judging himself about what he cannot do what makes him frustrated about is practice.

One of these things is his balance in postures. The day I left Miami, he asked me if I had learned something about keeping your balance. As an answer I mentioned to him that you taught us to always be thankful for what we CAN do and how it has made such a difference in my own yoga practice.

When I got back home today I was talking to my parents on skype and my mom said: ‘I have a different husband.’

He told me how this morning in his yoga class he was focusing on giving thanks to all the things he can do. He said he couldn’t believe he had passed 7 years judging himself about what he cannot do.

I thought it was such a beautiful thing to share with you, because I was not even aware of the difference it could make for him. And now you see, I’m not even teaching yet, but my teaching through your teaching has already made a difference across the Atlantic!

So thank you for teaching me to always give thanks for what we can do.

See you tomorrow!


Dear Fred.

I cannot thank you enough for these 18 days of transformation I have experienced in all levels of my being. Sorry if my grammar is not perfect, I am writing straight from my heart (not from my head).

I would like to share this story,  It took me over 2 years to decide where to take my teacher training. My first encounter was Mano with whom I practiced yoga for a very long time and he constantly encouraged me to take it there but I wasn’t sure, even though I feel a deep appreciation for his teachings. Then when I practiced with Paul Touliuzis, whom I also admire, he also motivated me to take it there but still wasn’t quite convinced. Where I practice now, the Yoga Joint, which is convenient since it is close to my kids school and has heat, they also insisted I was ready for their training but still wasn’t convinced, because it lacks spirituality. I also saw other places.

Then I went to try one of your classes on December 21st, and right away I knew and felt this was what I was looking for all this time and registered  at the moment. After taking your class and listening to Mayara’s mediattiom found all the elements I was looking for that other studios where lacking in my perception, either spirituality, safety, a practice that builds strengh, progressive asanas with heat to develop a stabe flexibility, precise and clear instructions, An acknowledgement to students during class, a personal touch, a practice based on a lineage, a balanced and well structured sequence, profound opening Nd closing meditations, a space with good energy and a feel of authenticity, a decoted teacher with no ego, and your wife Mayara with her pure energy and her smile. In few words I felt at home as a student and with the group at your class.

I feel so blessed I trainned with you. I am deeply deeply thankful for all that you taught me, every single thing brought me more awareness into myself which I believe is what yoga is about. I promise I will continue to grow and evolve these powerful seeds that you planted deeply on my soul.

Gracias de corazón


Thank you Fred for everything! I’m so thankful for the training I had with you last year. It really helped give me the confidence I needed to just go for it, and dive into my dream. It had been lingering there for 6 years, since my training and India. My training with you though showed me how to make it my lifestyle and still live in the western world. Thank you thank thank you!

Much much love!

Hi Fred,

So am in Guatemala now since a few weeks – been staying at the ‘yoga-house’ a community structured around daily yoga classes. I am enjoying it!

These are the first classes I’ve taken since completing your training in Bogota and I have to say – it’s made me realize that no yoga class

will ever be the same after that  Because once your taught and shown how to do something so well – you’re left forever with that double-edged

sword being that on the one hand – you know a fantastic way to teach and to learn yoga, but on the other – you instinctively and without being able

to help yourself, measure every other yoga class up to that standard.

I want to make one point about touch. In the classes I’ve been doing here I’ve noticed the students never get touched. Occasionally we get adjustments

but it isn’t the same as that healing, loving touch which just says ‘hi’ and thanks the person for being there – making them feel a warm glow and reminding

them that they are there, and they are entitled to unconditional love just like everyone else. So thanks to the experience of NOT having touch

in classes – I fully appreciate just how important and how healing it is – and how much I want it in MY classes! I want to thank you so very much for

making this a priority in your training – I think you and I both know that I didn’t truly appreciate the meaning of touch at first. NOW I get it  Thank you

for emphasising it as you do! xxxxx  Thank you for everything xxxxx    (p.s. wanted to post this on your timeline but couldn’t figure out how)    Taryna

It sure worked for me; the Doctors wanted to fuse my back and swore that i would never skate board again… they were wrong lol

Well, its about time I share this for all my students. I have spoken to a few of you about my past and how I came back to teaching after so many years of injury, recovery, life changes.. etc.. After my 1st accident in 2010 I had to have spinal surgery resulting in a loooooong time of 0 movement. I became depressed, unhealthy and frustrated with everything.. Especially myself. Within 1 year I went from 115lbs to a whopping 180lbs. At that point, I knew I needed to return to my roots and get back to my yoga ASAP. I put this together for my guru and dear friend Fred Busch that helped put me back on the right track. I changed just a few things, never went on a diet, nor ever tried to loose weight. I just wanted to live longer, be healthy and happy. 3 years later, I am stronger now then ever. Physically, mentally… In a way, I owe him my life as he helped me ‘shed’ my old one  XO

“You’re the best guru I could have ever imagined up but you’re so real and I’m so grateful!”

This is why I went to Colorado to train with Fred Busch!!! His yoga teacher training was really LIFE TRAINING. There was so much that I took from it, so much that it has done for my life already… I am forever grateful. Not to mention that the beautiful people I made friends with in the training also added to my life change. There are no coincidences. I went out there during a hard time in my life and I came back renewed. The week I got back I started working as a yoga instructor, and I’m working to be a person that can provide this kind of service to others.

Thanks Fred for everything you do! I love you!

So yes, if you’re considering taking a certification course, you should definitely do so with#FredBuschHotPowerYoga

hi fred||| I hope you be great, im only want to write you for to say thanks for everything you teach us! i know i pay my course, but you give me the tools to help  the others and the best base… today i check some videos of teacher trainning and remember a lot of details! my savasana its amaizing and i dont say that, its every people who take my class, im really happy works like teacher, for me its the best job in the world!     one more time, thaks Fred and I hope see you soom :):)

Fred, thank you so much for believing in me, and allowing me to do my teacher training even when I couldn’t afford to pay you for all of it. I am sharing the practice with so many people and introducing the practice to so many beginners who keep coming back – my heart overflows with gratitude!! Thank you for not doubting me, and for always being so steady and such a wonderful guide!!!

“Somethings i want to say to you my dearest master.

I came into that room with no hopes or expectations of anything, didnt know what i could do, what miracles where made of. You change my world transform my self and make me a better person everyday. I remember you with great love and try to give daily to others what you gave to me.

I didn’t knew at that time what could i do with my body and how to cease my mind, thank you for everything God bless you a your family, you are a blessing to all of us. Please, please keep on doing what you are doing you make this world a better world the world it was meant to be!

Dear Fred, You have taught me many things which I cherish dearly; but perhaps, the one that has truly been a remarkable awakening for me, were the words you once told me: “you’ve been liberated”. Yesterday I had to face a similarly challenging situation (to say the least), and the first thing that popped into my mind was you saying those exact words. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed by this feeling of “everything-will-be-ok”. I then decided to embrace the moment and truly feel (and believe) that everything happens for a reason and the universe is so much wiser than I’ll ever know. I just needed to drop you a line and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teachings. You are truly an inspiration and I’ve been (somehow) tremendously blessed to have such a wonderful master, and there aren’t enough words to even begin to tell that you’ll forever have my most profound, sincere and infinite appreciation. It will be my most absolute honor if I ever have a chance to take another course with you. With endless gratitude and admiration, Barbara


Hi Fred, last night was my first class at the gym. The room was packed, they had to put people on the waiting list. Next week class is already filled up as well. The manager took the class and loved it. She wants to convince the owner to have a second one on the schedule. I also have a third class with my restaurant manager, owner and some of the staff at the first location every Monday. My weight continue to drop, my energy level is awesome, I’m getting stronger, life is good!

Your thankful French Canadian student



Dear Fred,

Just a note to say Thank You. I know you’re not doing what you do for me nor any person in particular, like you explained this afternoon, but either way I wanted to let you know that I have been experiencing amazing days so far and I really would like to thank you for that because your words and your way of teaching us really plays a big role in that. Lovely to have a master who is direct, no-nonse and blunt yet a loving vessel passing through and showing the wonderful philosophy at the same time. You are helping me to eventually become the teacher who’s singing and dancing in my heart. Just felt the urge to thank you for that I guess… ?

Hi Fred:) Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful, healing teachings! We met at your studio and you helped me with wrist adjustments..they have really helped and after over 10 years of practicing yoga, in India and NYC your practice is really helping me in every aspect of my life:)



I went to training with the goals of improving my personal practice and being able to teach a few classes a week. Now, all I want to do is teach! I had a wonderful experience that I will forever remember. Thanks again for everything.

still lost for words. still… Words are simply too small to express my gratitude, so I will write Thank You, but you should know it is as vast as the universe.



Dear Fred,

The teacher training was transformative and so much therapeutic for me. I just wanted to thank you again for sharing so much of yourself, teaching from your heart and thank you for making a difference in my life. I don’t like to label myself as an introvert, but i can be sometimes;-) I did not interact with you as much as I wanted but I appreciate your words in helping me find the path towards my own inner “guru” and navigating thru life in a more peaceful way. The training provided me with the skills to sit confidently and authentically in the seat of the teacher ….with a little practice first I will keep doing my Karma yoga at the studio, talked to Megan, so I will definitely keep in touch.

A follow up on that testimonial about The Lower Back Bible:

Hi Fred, I have to say your book has helped me immensely! And yes I got back on my bicycle.

I’ve been challenged with disability for most of my life (had a stroke at 5yrs old) but I’d been able to enjoy an active life in spite of it, until the last few years. Because of walking difficulties and generally bad posture my lower back pain begun to take over. Nothing else I’d tried had really worked and by Christmas I was hunched over using a walking stick. I found your book searching the internet one very painful sleepless night.

I was amazed that I could perform the positions without making my pain worse and in doing so noticed I was improving with each day. Your Yoga has made me stronger and realigned my body. I accept that I may still aggravate my back doing day to day tasks and because of the way I walk, but I know that these wonderful positions will straighten me out at the end of the day.

I’m still practising Sequence 1 and for now feel it’s enough. When I explained your methods to my physiotherapist she agreed I should continue with it and couldn’t suggest anything better.

Thank you for taking the time to write the book.”


Hi Fred. I just wanted to say that what you wrote a few weeks ago about yoga helping to rise above the chatter vs doing other things that let you escape but you go below the chatter really resonated with me. It is sooo true! I just wanted to let you know. Really awesome post I’m still thinking about it Thank you!

It’s been almost five years I think since I have seen you. Thanks for creating and including me in this group; what a wonderful idea. Also, I thoroughly enjoy your “did you know” posts. Furthermore, I just bought and desperately needed your new book “The Lower Back Bible”. I wanted you to know that you are still to this day my favorite yoga teacher by far. I think you are truly gifted. I am glad you are traveling the world sharing your gift.

Take Care,

Dear Fred,

I just wanted to send you all an email thanking you both for changing my life. I apologize for not sending this sooner. Because of your wonderful yoga teacher training program I am aligned with my purpose here on Earth. I have been exposed this beautiful massive new world that I never knew existed. The more I learn, the more that I find there is to learn. Far from being overwhelmed, for the first time in my life I am truly empowered and I see clearly the direction I need to go in. I am turning my family’s health around by leading them through example to eat properly and increase their activity levels. My father (severe type 2 diabetic) now eats salads everyday for lunch, is losing weight, and stabilizing his blood sugar. Also a huge step, my mother no longer keeps white bread in the house and she eats raw almonds for a snack at work. Those are just a couple of instances where I have influenced others to love themselves more and to be more mindful about their health.

My yoga business is keeping me so busy! I am teaching classes for LA Fitness as well as for a company that offers classes to the timeshare resorts by Disney. My  boyfriend’s next door neighbor is a Bikram teacher who just opened his own studio called OM on Fire (which is also the name of a eco-friendly cleaner that he makes himself) and wants to offer a hot power yoga class (Bikram headquarters hasn’t responded to his request to label the studio “Bikram”). It’s in Brevard County, and I’m teaching in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties currently! Bringing light and balance to all of Central Florida! Haha. In Seminole County, I’m teaching donation-based classes once a month to raise money for an environmental nonprofit that I volunteer for. I got my group fitness certification and also teach aqua fitness!! Hustling! J

I’ve immersed myself into the holistic lifestyle, going to free workshops from foods for pain relief to medicinal plant workshops (I made a tincture for my mom with peppermint and chase berries to ease her menopause-induced hormonal imbalance.) I’m attending the Rasa Lila Fest at the end of this month and attending multiple workshops and classes to boost my knowledge and ability to help others. My goal is to develop  a well-rounded wellness coaching practice and change other people’s lives the way you both have changed mine.

The best part is that all of this is just the beginning to the rest of my life. I have so much to learn and I am so excited to learn it. I want to come back to you both for my 500 hour certification, and travel with you to retreats. Even though I live in Central Florida, I want to make the opportunity for myself to come back to Miami for the sole purpose of more training from you both. I have all of these goals written down, and I am chipping away one by one.

In a nutshell, I don’t know where I would be without you both. I was led to you in a dark time and discovered that all the despair and frustration in my life was the light within me begging to be expressed. The voice of my nature was muffled and I couldn’t hear the wisdom clearly. I am finally connected with my true Self and can clearly experience the peace and love that most people search their entire lives to find. When negativity enters my life, I acknowledge it as a friend instead of an enemy, leading me along my journey. It is becoming second nature to view unfortunate events as diamonds in the rough. If feel my vibrations lower, I can instantly bring them back up and my heart feels light and free. I can really feel the heaviness of the slow frequency vibrations of negative energy as well as the uplifting floating faster frequency vibrations of the positive energy, and I can CONTROL it.  I do not fear loss or sadness because I know it’s all there for me to learn from.

I could go on and on and on about how amazing my life is, but I know you are busy. I am so blessed to have been led to you and my heart overflows with gratitude for everything I have learned as a result of your beautiful wisdom.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s difficult to put into words how the last few months have changed my life.

It all began when I walked into a hot yoga class at Brickell Hot Yoga and fell in love with an amazing class that incorporated deep breathing, heat and guided meditation! I’ve never felt so good after leaving a studio and I’ve tried them all, Pilate’s, Core Fusion, spinning, etc…

After some  big life changes I found myself searching for my life passion and how I could help people on a daily basis. As my own yoga practice developed I decided to take my first 200h Teacher Training at Brickell Yoga. I dedicated 30 days of study to practice yoga 4-6 hours a day, eat a vegan diet, daily meditation, and study of this ancient multi-dimensional practice. It was a complete mind-body transformation. My breathing slowed down, and my once Asthmatic Lungs became clear and strong. My whole body slimmed down and became more toned and flexible. The final change, was my nervous energy and my mind became peaceful and relaxed.  I’ve never felt better in my life.