Mixed Martial Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Training beginning soon at Salamadhi Ranch!
Mixed Martial Yoga

Join us in Colorado with Jimmy Pool! The Intensive Mixed Martial Yoga Teacher Training is for

anybody who want to get the benefits of both Yoga and Martial Arts in their lives. Yogis, Athletes,

Yoga Teachers, Dancers, Healers and Martial Artists from all Fighting Backgrounds will all

gravitate and resonate with this MMY is an Authentic practice based system created by experts in

their field Jimmy Pool and Fred Busch.

Join us for our 14 Day INTENSIVE Certifications which train students in Power Yoga, Mixed

Martial Yoga™ and traditional Martial Arts skills and self defense techniques.

Get the most effective skills from both Fred Busch’s Power Yoga and Jimmy Pool’s Traditional

Martial Arts that are practical and applicable to make you a more powerful person in your daily

life!!! If you love Yoga or Martial Arts…or BOTH… you will love Mixed Martial Yoga™!!!

There are many reasons why Yogis may want to practice Traditional Martial Arts. Cardio and

expression of anger and emotion are somethings that Martial Arts Practices have that most western

Yoga practices do not contain.

And everybody knows that traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts fighters need more range

of motion and to practice meditation!

This MMY practice is really the best of both worlds and is perfect for everybody. Our Teacher

Training program is also for people that don’t want to teach but rather want to learn the system as

deeply as possible for self practice and personal reasons.

Teacher Training Tuition $2200