Daily Schedule at Salamadhi Teacher Training

Daily Schedule – Salamadhi Ranch is a 50 Acre Retreat Center located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Training’s at Salamadhi Ranch are more intensive versions of Fred Busch’s Programs and Vegan Detox Retreats, due to the extended hours available in a residential setting.  The following represents a sample day at the Ranch!


7am-930am Asana and Meditation Practice
We begin each day with early morning Hot Yoga practice followed by Pranayama and Meditation practices.  Students are encouraged to develop their Asana practice in a safe way.  Learning to practice with correct alignment and knowledge of the sequence arises from these practice sessions.  Asana practice is followed by Pranayama -breathing and visualizing practices. All of this culminates with the experience of Yoga Meditation at the end of practice.


930am Breakfast
Vegan and Raw Vegan options available.  Fruit and Smoothies available as well as cereals and toasts with nut butters.

30 Minute Break
Use this time to write in your journal or just shower and get ready for the rest of the day!


1030am-1200pm Lecture 1
See Curriculum and Teacher Objectives for daily topics of lecture.

12oopm-130pm Lecture 2
See Curriculum and Teacher Objectives for daily topics of lecture.

130pm Lunch
Vegan and Raw Vegan options available.  Lunch often features Soups and Salads along with other options.

1 Hour Break for Resting or Hiking
Enjoy the trails of Salamadhi Ranch.  The sun shines more in Colorado than any other state!  Take advantage of your surroundings and get out and go hiking!  We have several well marked trails of perfect distance for hiking during the breaks or in the early mornings!

3pm-5pm Yoga Teaching Practice
Fred Busch Teacher Training programs are equal parts personal practice, theory, and teaching practice. In the afternoons is where we practice teaching what we have learned to other students in the group.

5pm-630pm Reading and Homework Study Time
There are several required books to read and many homework questions reinforcing the days objectives and topics.


630pm Dinner
Dinner consists of Raw Vegan and Vegan options… with a big salad.  Dinners are the biggest meal and are prepared by master vegan chef Ryan Van Houten.

730pm Evening Movie or  Review of the day with ‘Q and A’ with Fred
Evening sessions after dinner are dedicated to either watching yoga and nutrition related videos or to review and question and answers for the days curriculum.  Early bed time at Salamadhi Ranch is recommended since the days are long and we are using our bodies and our brains vigorously.