Salamadhi Ranch  is an ideal location to elevate your yoga practice, detox your body and enjoy being enveloped by mountain landscapes, stunning sunrises and sunsets, hot yoga studio, and the most flavorful vegan cuisine you can imagine with a 5 star chef 24 hours in the house. We are located an hour outside of Denver, high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!


We offer different programs from 4 day Yoga Retreats to intensive Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga (Yoga Alliance Certified) and Mixed Martial Yoga Teacher Training



If you are looking to become a professional Yoga Teacher, if you are interested in learning a lot more about yoga and deepening your personal practice or if you are interested in learning about Nutrition please check out our complete calendar of Teacher Training Instructor Courses and Retreats in the Colorado Rocky Mountains!


Teacher Trainings -  Fred Busch Yoga 200/500 hrs - YogaNutrition™ Health Coach - Mixed Martial Yoga Teacher Training




    February, March, June, July

    Raw Vegan Retreats

    • Detox
    • Energize
    • Weightloss

    Next Teacher Training:

    August 3rd 2018  at Salamadhi Ranch, COLORADO

    Fred Busch’s Teacher Training program is designed for both those who wish become Professional Yoga Teachers and also for those who want to develop their personal practice!  Also inquire about our financial aid and work study program.